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Administration 39: Unclaimed Tax Free Childcare Receipts

We have been informed by the Revenue Team that a number of unclaimed Tax Free Childcare receipts are still outstanding. The amounts are listed below with the first part of the reference being the parent’s initial and the first 3 …

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Administration 38: Mutual Fund Calculator Update

Unfortunately, at this moment in time a successful solution with ICT has not been found with regards to schools being able to successfully download and view the Mutual Fund Calculator online. Therefore, it has been decided that the School Finance

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General 106: Schools Fraud Alert

The School Finance Team has been notified from the ESFA of the following fraud alert:

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has seen an increase in recent weeks in the volume fraud reports where schools are the targeted victim. This …

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Budget Preparation 11: HCSS Budgeting (FPS) Updates

HCSS has apologised for not initially providing an update to the AWPU rates along with the other updates the other day. HCSS then provided an AWPU update yesterday afternoon to correct the AWPU rates for future years, but unfortunately contained …

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Budget Preparation 10: HCSS Budgeting (FPS) Updates

Following the HCSS Budgeting updates yesterday, there would appear to be an error within the basic entitlement (AWPU) rates. We are currently investigating this issue and will release a further blog update once this issue has been resolved. We thank …

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Budget Preparation 9: HCSS Budgeting (FPS) Updates Available – Please Read

HCSS have released 4 updates overnight – we’ve listed the effects of accepting/declining the updates below. As always, accepting updates will affect all scenarios which are not locked.

Schools Block Final Data 

This will update the Age Weight Pupil Units …

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Administration 37: Mutual Fund Calculator

We are aware that some schools are having difficulties downloading/viewing the Mutual Fund Calculator for 2018/19 since it was released and we are currently in discussions with ICT on how to rectify this issue. Should no solution be found before

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Administration 36: Mutual Fund 2018/19

The Mutual Fund Calculator for 2018/19 is now available. The Mutual Fund premium rates have reduced by 10% for teachers and 2.2% for support staff for 2018/19 compared to 2017/18.

Please note that all non-maintained schools (Academies/Free Schools) who wish …

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Closedown 17/18 1: P11d Submission

You may be aware from previous years of the need to collect information to allow the completion of the P11d return.

The Authority is required to make a return to HM Revenue & Customs by 6th July 2018, …

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Budget Preparation 8: SBS Calculator for 2018/19 – Update

We have been informed by several schools that you are not able to download a version of the SBS calculator when clicking on the link from our webpages as previously available. We have since had it confirmed to us from …

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