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General 103: Anycomms Error

We have been informed by ScoMIS that the Anycomms error has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience.…

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General 102: Anycomms Error

We have been advised by ScoMIS this morning that an error has been reported when schools are using the Anycomms client. However, it is not preventing the successful upload and download of any files. This error is currently being investigated …

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General 101: New Cheque Banking Form

The Revenue team have received new cheque reading software and for it to work accurately the cash and cheque banking forms must be of the same format.

Please note that there is a new cheque banking form to be used …

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General 100: E-mail Contact with DCC

A gentle reminder that if you are contacting either DCC team mailboxes or individuals by email, to please include your name and a contact number to enable a swift response.…

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Governance & Compliance 57: Autumn FRS Submissions

Just a gentle reminder that your autumn FRS report is now due by the end of this month. Please make sure that you select the correct File Type and Service when submitting your FRS report via Anycomms, both of which …

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General 99: Anycomms Support

Please note that the ‘The Education Information Team’ are now responsible with the day to day Anycomms admin support (changing passwords / adding or removing users etc.). Should any school require such admin support, you are now required to contact …

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