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Administration 35: Cash and Cheque Banking Forms

Please note that both the Cash banking form and Cheque banking forms have been amended slightly. If you have a saved copy, please download it again from the embedded links.…

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Budget Preparation 6: Upgrading Scenarios in HCSS Budgeting Bug

A “bug” has been identified in the HCSS Budgeting system, where upgraded scenarios were not pulling through all the Pay Related Factors. HCSS have now rectified this for any new scenarios, but any which had been upgraded before 12PM (Wednesday …

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Budget Preparation 5: Financial Year 2018/19 Open

HCSS have now opened the new Financial Year for 2018/19. When you next log into HCSS Budgeting, it will default to the 2018/19 period – which will of course be empty. You are still able to access the 2017/18 Financial …

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