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General 83: Tax-Free Childcare Further Guidance

Following on from Blog entry General 80: Income Received from HMRC for Tax-Free Childcare, further guidance has been issued from the HMRC. Each payment a parent makes via the Tax-Free Childcare process, they will receive a payment reference – …

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Governance and Compliance 54: Surplus Carry Forward Balances Explanation

Following up on the recent email that has been sent to some schools requesting an explanation of the year end surplus balances that are greater than £50,000 or 5% of School Budget Share.

By way of reminder, this is not …

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General 82: Miscellaneous Income

We would like to start looking at clearing the miscellaneous income (9389) and expenditure (4901) ledger codes, with a view to pro-actively clear the codes during the year – potentially saving us all from more work at Year End. A …

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General 81: VAT Update

The VAT Team are aware that a number of schools use different online systems to enable parents to make payments to the school. Please note that there are VAT compliance matters to observe and that all schools are required to …

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General 80: Income Received from HMRC for Tax-Free Childcare

If you believe you should have received income from the HMRC regarding Tax-free Childcare, please would you email Revenue ( and copy in the amount you’re expecting and the child’s initials. When Revenue receive the income there …

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General 79: Spam Email

Several Devon Schools have reported receiving an email for an FOI request on 2016 and 2017 budgets.

The body of the email requests the following

Under the FOI Act please can you let me know your organisations budget for:

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Monitoring & Reporting 52: Schools’ Carry Forward Confirmations

As per previous years, the carry forward schools balances from 2016/17 to 2017/18 will be confirmed around the middle of July – after full cabinet have met and have given their approval. Once agreed, the carry forward confirmations will be …

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Monitoring & Reporting 51: DFC Allocation Notifications 2017/18

We have just uploaded the 2017/18 DFC notifications to SecureNet. If you have any queries, please relay them to


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