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Budget Preparation 3: FPS Updates Available – Please Read

HCSS have released a few optional updates overnight – we’ve listed the effects of accepting/declining the updates below. As always, accepting updates will affect all scenarios which are not locked.

AWPU Values 

This will update the Age Weight Pupil Units …

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Budget Preparation 2: Statutory Requirement for a Three Year Budget Plan

This a reminder that maintained schools must submit a 3 year budget plan, approved by the full governing body, to the Authority by 1 May through HCSS Budgeting showing its intentions for expenditure and income in the current financial year …

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Closedown 16/17 5: This Week’s End of Year Deadlines

This week the following items need to be completed from the Year End Tasks and Deadlines list.

  • 16 Mar Invoices – Last date for any CT10/3 to reach Revenue section for processing into Period 12 (including internal invoice requests).

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Closedown 16/17 4: Year End Guidance – Update

Following on from the first closedown blog, we’ve had to move the SCRAPS submissions deadline one day forward, from 31st March to the 30th March. This is to ensure that any errors which may occur can be picked up …

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Monitoring and Reporting 49: Non Domestic Rates 17/18 – Review

Non Domestic Rates are funded via the School Budget Share.  We have tried to estimate as far as possible the 17/18 liability for your school however you are probably aware that a new Non-Domestic Rate cycle is in operation and …

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Closedown 16/17 3: Mutual Fund Claims Deadline for 2016/17

A gentle reminder for those schools in the Mutual Fund that the deadline for submission of claims relating to February 2017 is the 10th March.

The final deadline for claims relating to March is 27th March. Any new absence commencing …

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