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Closedown 16/17 2: Payroll Claims for Year End

In 2015/16 we saw the start of the changes to the year-end timescales for local authorities – and as a result, changes were made to the collection of information and deadlines for schools. This year is the second stage of …

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Closedown 16/17 1: Year End Tasks and Deadlines 2016-17

The Closedown timetable for 2016/17 has now been posted in the Year End Guidance on the Education & Learning website.

Please make sure you take time to read the tasks and deadlines carefully, and remember that the EOY accruals

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Monitoring and Reporting 48: Capital Grants and Funding

Just a reminder from the Capital team to all schools who have been given Capital grants or funding.

Please can you ensure that you claim the funding in the same year in which you incur the expenditure (this is especially …

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Monitoring and Reporting 47: School Leases

FAO: Head Teacher / School Bursar / Administrator

It is that time of year again where the Local Authority is required to capture information relating to leasing and lease type arrangements in readiness for the year end accounts.

The attached

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Budget Preparation 1: SBS Calculator Finalised for 2017/18

At the School Forum meeting on 16th January 2017 the members of the forum voted against the recommendation to transfer the funding of £1.46 million from the Schools Block to the Central Block within the DSG that will cover the …

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General 69: Babcock LDP Spring Bursar Briefings

We have been informed from Babcock that the spring bursar briefing documents and presentation materials from the meetings that took place in February 2017 are now available from the Babcock LDP website.

Please remember to log-in at the top …

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General 68: Income from Tesco Embroidery Service

Are you expecting income from E-Fulfill – Tesco Embroidery Service?

If so, please check your budgets – as the Revenue Team have numerous payments that cannot be identified and allocated .

If you think some of this income may be …

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Governance & Compliance 51: P11D Expenses and Benefits 2016/17

You may be aware from previous years of the need to collect information to allow the completion of the P11d return.

The Authority is required to make a return to HM Revenue & Customs by 6th July 2017, …

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General 67: Unallocated Income

Are you expecting income from Childcare Voucher Schemes:  EdenRed, Sodexo , Care4,  Kiddivouchers, etc. – that has still not been allocated to your budget?

If so, the Revenue Team have approximately 180 payments that cannot be identified – as the …

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Monitoring & Reporting 46: Miscellaneous Income and Expenditure

As year end is almost upon us, can all schools ensure that they have cleared item / ledger codes 9389, 4901 (Miscellaneous Income / Expenditure) and 4311 (Other Fees and Charges) to zero. This can be done by submitting …

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