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General 47: VAT Registration Numbers (Petty Cash)

This is a general reminder to schools that the actual VAT number on the VAT invoice/VAT receipt must be input into the FMS system when processing expenditure through petty cash.

If you have any questions, please feel free to …

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General 46: Finance Contact list

Revenue – Income queries


Help Desk 01392 382780 or 013922423

Fax 01392 382995


Internal Invoicing


Fax 01392 382995


Payments – SCRAPS queries


Help Desk 01392 383317 or 01392 382417

Fax 01392 382995…

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Monitoring & Reporting 42: Beginner’s Guide to School Budgets

The Guardian have recently written an article which schools may find useful explaining the planning and managing of school budgets.

We have provided the link to this article to the webpage


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Monitoring & Reporting 41: Capital Notifications 2016/17

We have just uploaded the capital notifications for 2016/17 to SecureNet.

Any questions relating to the figures should be directed to…

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General 45: Capital Approval Form

Following the Spring 2016 Bursars Briefing session it was requested that any capital project that was to be funded from financial resources other than Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) needed approval from Councillors. There is now a form to fill out …

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General 44: Parentmail Income?

Are you expecting income from PARENTMAIL? If so, there are 18 payments that cannot be identified by the Revenue team, as the reference is missing part of the school number.

If so, please contact Revenue by email with your school …

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General 41: Non Domestic Rates & Exempt Charities – 80% relief available

Any school that is deemed a Charity or has Exempt Charity Status should qualify for charitable rate relief of 80%. This is an automatic relief applied direct to the Non-Domestic Rate bill

Voluntary aided, Voluntary controlled, Foundation trust schools, Academies …

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General 42: Electricity & Gas Bills – VAT

Voluntary Aided, Voluntary Controlled and Foundation schools can request to receive fuel at the reduced rate (5%) VAT and no Climate Change Levy and to enable this are required to submit separate customer declaration certificates to the energy supplier for …

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