Monthly Archives: May 2016

General 43: Academy Mutual Fund Premiums

We have been informed today that it would appear that academies have received two lots of Mutual Fund premiums for 16/17. We are currently investigating this query and will get back to you all shortly. In the meantime, if you …

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Governance & Compliance 43: Overdue FPS Budget Plan

All budget plans were due on or before the 1st May and the majority of schools have achieved this deadline. However, some schools have not informed the Education & Learning Finance Team that the FPS budget plan will not …

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Governance & Compliance 42: Overdue End of Year FRS Report

As stated within the ‘Scheme for Financing of Schools, all maintained schools are to submit an end of year FRS report for period 13 by the middle of May and so far just over a third of schools have achieved …

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