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Funding 25: FPS Update Available – Please Read

HCSS have recently released a few optional updates – I’ve listed the effects of accepting/declining the updates below. Accepting updates will affect all scenarios which are not locked.

AWPU Values 

This will update the Age Weight Pupil Units (AWPU) figures …

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Funding 24: Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) Provisional Budget Announcements

Individual school DFC provisional allocations for 2016/17 are available on the GOV.UK website and are based on the status of schools in November 2015. Final DFC allocations will be confirmed after March 2016, which will reflect schools that have become

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Funding 23: Schools Budget Notification Letter and Calculator 2016-17

The Budget Notification Letter 2016-17 is now available on the Schools webpages, along with the School Budget Calculator and guidance notes for all Devon Mainstream Schools.

Separate budget notifications for Special Schools and Nursery Schools will be issued in …

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General 30: Orders to NPS SW Services

From April 2016, only payment invoices that are accompanied with a valid DCC order number will be acceptable to DCC/NPS.

In essence, when you place any orders with NPS for services, you will be required to provide NPS SW with …

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Governance & Compliance 35: April Pay Changes 2016

April Pay Changes 2016

Changes are coming into force this April which could affect how much pay you take home each month:

  • Re-enrolment into a workplace pension scheme for eligible staff
  • changes to your National Insurance contributions, and
  • the introduction

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Monitoring & Reporting 40: Internal charges from BSS

Please note that you will have seen original costs coded to schools on ledger code 7932 for a variety of works including HR, Treasurer Support, Audit and Legal during April/May 2015.

The Business Support Team have now corrected the ledger …

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General 29: Income from Plymouth University

A number of schools have recently received income from Plymouth University – which has been coded to 9389.

Please do not submit online journals to correct this posting as a journal will be done by the Education & Learning Finance …

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General 28: Child Nursery Voucher Schemes

Edenred, RG Childcare, Allsave, Apple, Care4, Co-op, Computershare, Fideliti, Kiddivoucher, Sodexo, Busy Bees.

Are you expecting Income from any of the above providers?

Revenue have received over 70 payments with – unfortunately no information. Would you please check to see …

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General 27: Are you expecting income from SCHOOPLE?

If you are expecting any income from SCHOOPLE, please let Revenue know the budget code you would like credited – via email to

We have received numerous payments in December that we cannot identify. If you have received …

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