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General 2: Cold Calling from F1

We have been informed that schools are being contacted by a company called F1 who claim to either be the supplier of energy for Devon County Council or negotiating schools gas prices for 2015/16 as it is no longer being …

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Monitoring and Reporting 6 – Submitting Budget Plans & Monitors

As of the start of the autumn term all budget monitors are to be submitted using the ‘Finance Information Community’ via SecureNet and this will continue to be the case. The new budget planning tool for 2015-18 is currently being …

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Monitoring and Reporting 5 – Additional FRS Templates

We have recently received some FRS templates from a local school in Devon that we feel could be helpful for all schools reporting back to their governors. These 4 additional FRS templates are available to download via the FRS Guidance

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Monitoring and Reporting 4: Changes in Ledger Coding for CFR

As a result of reviewing the Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) guidance for 2014-15 the following changes have been made to the ledger coding structure to provide transparency and ease for analysis. The changes are with immediate effect and will …

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Funding 6 – Schools Budget Calculator

An error has been found in the Calculator for Primary schools. The following funding factors did not calculate a change when pupil numbers were amended.

  • Schools Block – Prior Attainment Primary
  • De-Delegation – Prior Attainment Primary
  • De-Delegation – Behavioural

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Governance & Compliance 6 – Scheme for Financing Schools

Following a recent consultation, the ‘Scheme for Financing Schools’ has been approved and is now available on the Education & Learning Finance website. This updated document includes details on:

  • The funding framework
  • Financial controls
  • Instalments of the budget

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Funding 5: Targeted funding – Low Cost High Incidence SEN

Schools Forum has now agreed to provide a one-off targeted allocation to all mainstream, academy and free schools for school wide Additional Educational Need. £1.5m has been distributed at the end of October to schools on a per pupil basis.…

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Governance & Compliance 5 – FRS Budget Monitor Reminder

As initially stated back on the 3rd October via the Education Finance Blog, the old budget monitoring system will be switched off at the end of December 2014 and you should all be starting to familiarise yourself with the …

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Spam Email: Tax refund Notice

An email supposedly from HMRC has been received by schools offering a tax refund. This email is spam, do not click on any links or open any attachments within the email. The Education & Learning Team have notified ScoMIS and …

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Budget Plan for Primary, Secondary, Special & Federated Schools for 2015-18

The budget planning tool is almost complete and should be ready for testing in the next couple of weeks. I am therefore looking for a small group of around 10-15 DCC maintained schools to test the budget planning tool prior

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