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Administration 7: Missing Details

Have you banked £180.85 & £105.55 on the 24th October?

We have recently received the above amounts with no details.  If this income belongs to you, please contact the Revenue Team ASAP on 01392 383355 or email Sue Causon.…

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Administration 6: Banking Costs

The Revenue Team has noticed a huge increase in schools using multiple paying in slips when banking income at the Post Office and the Bank. DCC are charged in excess of £1.25 per paying in slip.

Please be aware of …

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Administration 5: RHS Grant Money

If you have applied for a grant from RHS then please contact Revenue ASAP as we have numerous payments of £100 that we have not been able to identify.

Sue Causon
Finance Manager…

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CFR Data for 2013-14 – Upload and Publication

Consistent Financial Reporting data for 2013-14 is now available on the Schools Financial Benchmarking Website.


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Pupil Premium (Looked After Children)

Pupil Premium for Looked After Children funding has not been released for April 2014 to March 2015 because this funding is now having to be linked in with Personal Education Plans. Information regarding the process has been sent out via …

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Service Issues 4: Payroll File Update

It has been confirmed by Payroll a few moments ago, following a test this morning which was successful, that all payroll files will be resolved when downloaded at the end of the month. For all queries relating to this issue

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Governance & Compliance 4: Procurement Cards

In April 2014 the Local Government Transparency Code came into effect.  This code was issued to meet the Government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability and help shape public services. A requirement of the …

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Financial Reporting Suite (FRS) 2: Training Courses

Scomis are offering a number of FREE FRS training courses through November and December. Make sure you don’t miss out and book your FRS training course today.…

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Service Issues 3 : Payroll File

We have had some queries from schools which have recently downloaded their Finance information and found that the files contain some transactions with balancing positive and negative entries for some employees, which balance to zero.   This has been caused by …

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Mutual Fund Claim Waiting Days

A large amount of Mutual Fund Claims received in September have not allowed for the required waiting days when calculating the number of pupil days to be claimed. If you are unsure of or unaware of the waiting days there …

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