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Funding 4 – Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) Allocations

The UIFSM provisional main allocations and small schools allocations have now been published on the DfE website. Attached are the allocations for Devon Schools only for ease. As you will see the amount paid recently to you relates to 7/12ths …

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Funding 3: Schools Funding 2015-16

On the 17th July 2014 the DfE announced the Schools Block Unit of Funding (SBUF) and the Minimum Funding Level (MFL) funding rates. The attached letter was sent out to all Chair of Governors, Headteachers and Principals on the 18th

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Expecting Income from Tescos ?

If you are  expecting any Income from Tescos,  please let Revenue know the budget code you would like credited  via email to  as we have received numerous payments that we cannot identify.

Revenue & Payments Section…

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Mutual Fund

Following an unexpected deficit in the Mutual Fund accounts for the year ending 2013-14 due to an unprecedented number of claims received in the final 3 months of the year. The Mutual Fund Board met in June 2014 to discuss …

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DCC External Audit

Grant Thornton are the appointed external auditors for DCC and they have now commenced the audit of the 2013/14 Statement of Accounts and Pension Fund.  The audits will be ongoing throughout the summer and into September.

The main auditors on …

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Budget Monitor for Summer Term

Many thanks for everyone attending the FRS training days over the past couple of months and in light of the recent Bursar meetings, schools can submit a summer monitor using the old budget monitor software which will continue to be …

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Administration 1: CT10/3 Forms and School Postage

Please can Schools ensure when dealing with other Local Authorities, Government Departments and large organisations that you obtain a purchase order number for the work. This will need to be included on the CT10/3 form (Finest Invoice Request) in section …

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