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Debtors Invoice/s

There are a significant amount of schools raising their own Invoices to debtors , especially to Babcock LDP and not raising an official DCC Invoice on headed paper.

Babcock will not pay them as it does not meet their standard …

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VAT Update

VAT codes on FMS

We‘ve been looking into setting up new VAT codes on FMS but they may be a little cumbersome to set up so we are trying to ascertain whether there is sufficient need for the new codes. …

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Mutual Fund Claims – April Absences

 A reminder that all Claims for April absences are accepted until Saturday 31st May 2014. We would recommend sending these claims in this week, as a result of the bank holiday and half-term next week. Deadline dates can be found …

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Carry Forward Balances

Confirmation of your carry forward balances for 2013/14 to 2014/15 has now been sent via the Finance Information Community on SecureNet.

Thank you for your patience whilst these were created. If you have any queries, please email the Schools Finance

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Budget Planning Tool – Multi-Budget Federated Schools

It has been brought to our attention whereby schools that are part of a multi-budget federation are unable to extract their 5 year plan and therefore submit their spreadsheet to DCC. This is because within the ‘Checklist’ tab for the …

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Internal Invoice Request 2

Following on to the blog post from 29th April, the schools internal invoice request has now been updated for 2014/15. Thank you for your patience whilst this has been updated.…

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Are you missing Income from your budget?

If you have you banked the following income  please contact Revenue  01392 383355 / 382780 ASAP  as we have no information other than it relates to meal/trip  income , we have no name, no school number, no telephone number, no …

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Cheque Banking Procedures

We have had a request from the Revenue Team to remind schools of the cheque banking procedures.

1.)   Can all schools ensure that cheques are stamped on reverse with the school name or number as this is an audit requirement.…

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Universal Free School Meals 3 – Capital Coding

The recent letter from the Built Environment Team explaining the UIFSM capital coding and reimbursement details includes the phrase ‘Direct Payment Schools’.

This should have read ‘Local Payment Schools’…

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Closedown Bulletin 13:- March Supply Costs (2)

There appears to be some confusion over how to treat the supply entries in FMS.

If your trial balance does not match up with the latest finest reports that you will have downloaded from the SecureNet finance reports community you …

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