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Closedown Bulletin 7:- Task Reminder – SCRAPS final day to submit

Just a reminder to you all that tomorrow (16th April) by 3pm is the absolute last date to post SCRAPS payment submissions. Any errors may mean that costs are not posted to OLD YEAR (13/14)…

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Closedown Bulletin 6:- G4S Charges

We have recently been made aware that the G4S charges for March will not be received by Devon County until next week after the schools have closed. Please note that you will not need to make a year end accrual …

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Universal Free School Meals 2 – Update April 2014

Recently we received a document from the DFE regarding ‘Supporting schools to achieve the ambitions of the School Food Plan’ which we want to share with you and is laid out below.

The School Food Plan, published in July 2013, …

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Financial Reporting Suite (FRS) 1:- Mandatory Training

You will have received an amount of £130 in March 2014 which is to be used to pay for the training for the new Financial Reporting Suite (FRS).

This money will be taken by ScoMIS in their next invoice and …

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Closedown Bulletin 5:- Capital Creditors/Debtors Online Form

Dear LA schools sorry for the delay in getting the capital creditors form online this was due to a technically error and has now been rectified. To access it please go to the Capital creditors/debtors online form and follow the …

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Closedown Bulletin 4:- Technical Update – PE Grants

In checking the creditor and debtors returns we have noticed several schools have treated their unspent PE and Sport Grant income as ‘Income in Advance’. This is not the correct treatment.

The unspent balances will form part of your 2013-14 …

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Revenue Invoicing Reminder

There is an increase in schools /colleges raising their own invoices which has led to them being rejected by the debtors as  they are not official DCC invoices and therefore do not meet their own standard invoicing requirements, so consequently …

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Capita Rebates

We have been receiving a number of queries surrounding ‘Capita Rebates’ and as the information came from another team, can you please contact Stephanie Dickinson in this instance for further information.…

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Closedown Bulletin – 3: EOY Debtors and Creditors

We are still missing over 50% of schools end of year debtor and creditor responses which should have been with us yesterday. Should you not have any debtors or creditors then please email and let us know, otherwise can …

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Budget Planning Tool – NI Contribution Changes from 2014/15

A letter detailing the changes in the National Insurance contribution for 2014/15 has gone live. All maintained schools will need to update their budget plans accordingly within the ‘Pay Scales’ tab to reflect these changes for 2014/15 onwards.…

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