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Closedown Bulletin 12: Coding revisions

There have been recent revisions to the coding guidance issued by our Finance Strategy Group (FSG) that impacts on some elements of schools coding.

NOTE: None of the following changes will impact on your bottom line

Definitions –

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Internal Invoice Requests

We are currently updating the schools internal invoice request this morning and will let you all know as soon as it has been updated for 2014/15.…

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Mutual Fund – March Absences

A reminder that all Claims for March absences are accepted until Wednesday 30th April 2014, deadline dates can be found on the Mutual Fund Deadline Dates Page. All claims have to be made online using the Mutual Fund Online

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P11d Declaration Form 13/14

A final reminder that all schools must have submitted their P11d declaration from for 2013/14 by 4pm today. To make the deadline all returns should be either faxed to 01392 383435 or emailed to

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Budget Planning Tool – SIMS Staffing Report Extract

It has come to our attention this morning that a duplication of staff members occur when a school performs the SIMS staffing report extract, which is then used to import into the budget planning tool. We are currently in discussions …

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Closedown bulletin 11: EOY – March Supply costs

We have been made aware that the delayed Payroll run on the 24th April which covered the Supply claims for March 2014 have gone into Financial Year 2014/15 month 1 instead of Financial Year 2013/14 month 12.

To correct …

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Closedown Bulletin 10:- Task Reminder – End of Year Debtors and Creditors.

A reminder that any further End of Year Debtor and Creditors with significant amendments must be with the Schools Finance Team by 3pm at the latest this afternoon (Thursday 24th March 2014) in order for them to be processed …

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Budget Planning Tool – Trial Balance

For those of you who attended the budget plan demonstrations back in late January, it was pointed out that several of the 79** codes as well as ledger codes 9601, 9619 and 9055 were missing from the budget planning tool. …

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Closedown Bulletin 9:- Task Reminder – Online Journal Transfers

A reminder that Online Journal Transfers for 13/14 will be accepted until 3pm tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 17th April). Our FINEST system closes at 4pm tomorrow; therefore any journals must be submitted to the Schools Finance Team by the 3pm …

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Closedown Bulletin 8:- Task Reminder – End of Year Debtors and Creditors

Thank you to those Schools who have submitted their end of years Debtors and Creditors Spreadsheet for processing. As of the 14th April we are yet to receive an end of year debtors and creditors workbook from 20 Schools …

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