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Miscellaneous Income and Expenditure

We  would like to request and ask Maintained Schools to clear and no longer post journals to ledger codes 9389 (Miscellaneous Income) and 4901 (Miscellaneous Expenditure) This is because it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify certain payments and categorize …

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Federations Preparing to Implement a Single Budget

We have recently had some enquires about what to do if your school is preparing to implement and convert to a single budget. Please read our newly created webpage where you will find who to contact, step by step guides, …

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Budget Calculator

It has come to our attention that the Budget Calculator is currently showing an incorrect figure on the Summary tab cell D12 (De-Delegation) of the spreadsheet for Academies.  De-Delegation is for maintained schools only; therefore Academies can ignore this figure …

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Month 0 Individual Assigned Resources

The detailed Individual Assigned Resources reports are available for download from RM Securenet Plus. The report name being 878nnnn_878xxxx_IAR_Month_0.pdf. This report represents the underlying data for the High Needs Target Funding as represented in the Budget Notification for 2014/15.…

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Mutual Fund 2014/15

The Mutual Fund Board at their meeting on the 9th January 2014 have agreed to increase premiums for teachers and support staff by 3% (per member of staff covered) effective 1st April 2014. Full information for the 2014/15 Mutual …

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