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Overdrawn Imprest Accounts

Every week Barclays informs the payments department here at DCC of any accounts that are overdrawn. The payments team then has to contact the establishment to resolve the situation, however, at the moment there are some school imprest accounts that …

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Nursery Funding Summer Term

It has been brought to light that a mistake was made in the calculation of the nursery funding for maintained schools which went out on Tuesday 6th August. This has now been corrected, with the original invoices being reversed and …

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High Needs Funding Update Reports – July Class Adjustments

For the attention of the Finance Department

Reports have been uploaded to RM Securenet Plus

Individual Assigned Resources (High Needs Block Funding) have been updated for changes in July 2013.

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Support Centre Funding

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Early Years Action Plus

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NPS Buildings & Gas / Devon Maintenance Partnership / VA Promise Internal Invoices

Thank you for those schools that have informed us that we have sent out internal invoices with the wrong code being charged to the school. The charge code to the school should have been on ledger code 7926 and not …

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Legislation Changes That Affect You

New legislation came into effect from the 16th March which results in potentially significant penalties for payments made to suppliers later than 30 days after receipt of invoice (given that the goods have been received).

Within FINEST, there are “date …

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Pupil Premium – download available

A pupil premium download is now available on the Key to Success website.

The download provides schools with a list of pupils who were on roll at the school in January 2013 and are eligible for the pupil premium …

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