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Nursery plus provides support for early years settings for children with additional or special educational needs.

How does Nursery Plus work?

Nursery Plus will work with your setting to support the inclusion and progress of the child. Nursery Plus will work alongside you, promoting inclusive practise in order to meet the targeted needs of the child within the Prime Areas of the EYFS.

It is vital that we share information about the child with each other and the parents or carers. We will develop a plan with agreed targets (Assess, Plan, Do, Review) to support the child’s progress. This will be reviewed by all parties and available to access at any time within the setting.

Nursery Plus will…

  • Visit your setting regularly to support the child individually or in a small group
  • Meet with you each visit to discuss updates and APDR targets
  • Discuss appropriate support strategies for the child with you
  • Support you to complete any onward referrals, funding requests or EHC needs assessment requests
  • Liaise with other professionals
  • Support with primary school transitions during the summer term

Early years settings will…

  • Be available to meet with us during each of our visits and/or maintain virtual contact to share updates and ADPR progress
  • Work together to support the child’s needs and development, following agreed strategies on each day the child attends your setting
  • Liaise with parents/carers and other professionals, ensuring that relevant information is shared with Nursery Plus

When does Nursery Plus support end?

Nursery Plus support is reviewed on a regular basis. Support will end if the child:

  • Has met the long term agreed targets on the APDR process
  • Nursery Plus is not making any significant difference to the child’s wellbeing and educational progress
  • Has reached school age
  • Has moved out of Devon
  • he setting does not adhere to the Nursery Plus contract

Making a referral to Nursery Plus

  • Referrals can be made by early years settings using a Devon agreed referral form
  • Please refer carefully, adhering to the criteria
  • Before making a referral it is recommended that settings contact their Early Years Consultant to discuss the referral
  • Referrals should be made to your local Nursery Plus base
  • Referrals will be reviewed against the criteria by a panel on a regular basis
  • Places are limited and will be allocated on a priority needs basis

Eligibility criteria

  • The child is attending an Early Years Provision.
  • The child is in receipt of Early Years 3 and 4-yar-old Education Funding (EYEF) on commencement of Nursery Plus intervention. Priority will be given to children who are due to start Reception in the coming academic year/September after their 4th birthday.
  • The child shows a delay in one or more aspects of the Prime Areas.
  • You have followed the Graduated Response and after a period of intervention there is little evidence of progress.

Please note that if the child shows a significant delay in more than one Prime Area and this delay includes cognitive development, it is advised that a referral is made to the Early Years Complex Needs Service instead of Nursery Plus.

Information for parents and carers about Nursery plus can be found on our SEND Local Offer website.