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Devon’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer

Nursery Plus

What is Nursery Plus?

Nursery Plus is a Devon wide outreach service which works in partnership with Early Years settings and families to promote children’s wellbeing, learning and development.

What does Nursery Plus do?

The Nursery Plus service offers extra support to children in Devon in the year before they start school.

It aims to:

  • increase the number of children who start school achieving expected levels of development
  • support children who have significant barriers to learning to help them achieve their potential
  • enable settings to include children with social and emotional difficulties
  • ensure that children who have not already been identified as having SEND have appropriate interventions and referrals in place prior to starting school

How do we support children?

Nursery Plus promotes the inclusion of all children. We support children with a variety of needs including:

Personal and Social Development

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Play skills and friendships
  • Accepting boundaries
  • Emotional wellbeing

Communication and Language

  • Developing attention and listening
  • Understanding language
  • Expressing their thoughts, ideas, want and needs

Physical Development

  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Co-ordination and sensory needs

How does Nursery Plus work?

Early years settings refer children to Nursery Plus. If your child receives a place we will:

  • Visit the setting regularly to support your child individually or in a small group
  • Make a plan with agreed targets to support your child’s needs, sharing this information with you and the setting
  • Provide activities and suggest strategies to support your child
  • Monitor progress
  • Support the setting to access additional services where required
  • Support transition into school where appropriate
  • Ensure you are fully informed of our work with your child

How can you help?

All children are individuals and you know your child better than anyone. Your role in your child’s learning and
development is vital and we aim to work in partnership with you. You can help us by sharing information about your child  through:

  • Face to face/remote meetings
  • Sharing information from home – it’s great to hear how your child is doing
  • Email or phone call

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