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Perspective Lite – managing users

New headteachers will need to get in contact with us to update their school’s Perspective Lite account. Once you’ve received your login details you’ll then be able to set up other users and control their permission settings – please see guidance below for instructions.

Get in contact by email – or by phone – 01392 287317

Creating, editing or deleting users

Setting up new users

  • Click on Create New User, fill in all the relevant details and then click the Save icon. Please Note: First Name, Last Name and Email address are all required fields.
  • When you are ready to send the new user their welcome email which contains details of how to access Perspective Lite and set up their password, then simply click Send welcome Email.
  • Once created, you can add the user to a team. To do this, select the team name from the drop down at the bottom of the screen, then click the Add button. Please note adding a user to the SLT team will give them additional access to certain modules.

Editing, archiving or deleting existing user(s)

  • To edit, archive or delete a user, simply click the relevant option next to their name in the User Management Screen.
  • To delete or archive several users at once, tick the box to the left of the names of all the users you want to delete/archive, then click Delete Selected or Archive Selected respectively. Deleting a user will permanently delete them from the system. Archiving a user will archive them in a way that lets you recover them at a later date if necessary. You can do this from the Archived Users screen which you can access via the View Archived Users button in the Manage Users screen.
  • To edit the user’s permissions, click on the permissions tab in the Manage Users screen.

You can select from one of our helpful pre-sets or create your own Custom permissions scheme. Our pre-sets include the following options:

  • Standard is a permission set designed for teachers and means the user does not get access to any Local Authority or Organisation interactions such as Records of Visits or the Census module.
  • Read-Only is a permission set that allows a user to see (but not edit) these Local Authority or Organisation modules.
  • Admin is a permission set that gives the user full access to all functionality within Perspective Lite including the ability to create and administer user accounts.
  • The Custom user permission lets you tailor individual permissions for each module/area within Perspective Lite to give you full control over what your staff can and can’t do across the system.

As you hover over each of the permission sets it will show you a preview of the permissions it will assign after you click save. Hovering over each of the radio buttons will provide helpful text to let you know what each permission allows the user to do.

Once you’re happy with the permissions you have assigned the user, click Save all Permissions. When done, click on the Users button to return to the User Management screen.

See also Perspective Lite’s – Getting Started guidance