Ukrainian refugees

Our Devon schools and settings have now welcomed over 900 Ukrainian children.  Over the last two years EMTAS has had access to Homes for Ukraine funding and we have been delivering enhanced support:

  • Providing thousands of hours of fully funded bilingual support for Ukrainian children
  • Supporting over 90 primary and secondary students in our fully funded Maths intervention programme
  • Supporting Year 6 children with the Maths SATs through interpretation.
  • Running over 25hrs of fully funded training for schools and EYFS on supporting children with EAL
  • Supporting parents with admissions and school queries
  • Supporting parents in school meetings with interpreters
  • Supporting other agencies
  • Providing EHE support to all known Ukrainian students who are registered as EHE
  • Supporting school who have held ‘coffee mornings’ with their Ukrainian parents

From April we will return to delivering our core offer and this will be the same for all EAL children in Devon:

  • Provide advisory support – guidance, intervention and Home language assessments
  • Provide bilingual support where a need has been identified through an EAL proficiency assessment
  • Provide interpretation for parents meetings
  • Provide bilingual resources and guidance on our website

For further details please review our EAL guidance.

Child showing Ukraine flag with their hands

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Further support

Downloadable resources translated into Ukrainian: