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Governance & Compliance 75: Annual P11D return to HMRC 2021/22

Annual P11D return to HMRC- your response is required

It will soon be time to gather your responses for the annual P11D expenses and benefits return to HMRC. A questionnaire will be available for you to complete on behalf of employees at your school/s. You must use this questionnaire to notify us of any arrangements during tax year 2021/22, which led to your employees receiving a benefit.

There will be further guidance when the questionnaire is made available. However, you may wish to start thinking about the arrangements which were in place at your school/s now.

Although you may have had nothing to declare in the past, please take some time to consider whether anything has changed. Covid 19 meant we all had to adapt & work flexibly and these new arrangements may mean that you will have to notify us of something for tax year 2021/22.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the types of arrangements which need to be declared, the P11D Questionnaire or even provide guidance on the tax implications of any arrangements you are considering for the future.

We have a dedicated email address: or you can call us on 01392 383000 (please ask for Payroll Compliance)

The P11D questionnaire will be available at the start of February and the deadline for submitting your responses is Friday 1st April 2022.