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Budget Preparation 40: School Budget Share & Access Budgeting 2023-24

We have been informed that it will not be possible to apply the School Budget Share data directly to Access Budgeting Scenarios for 2023-24 without overwriting any existing inputs.

To avoid the potential removal of any data already input by schools, please input the main SBS funding figure from the School Budget Share calculator for 2023-24. This can be found on the following web page: Budgets – Support for schools and settings (

Once you have downloaded the calculator to your computer, please input your school number, the relevant figure can be found in cell E22 ‘School Budget Share before De-Delegation’.

School Deadlines 2022-23

Please also be aware that the school deadline dates have now been published and can be found on the Budgets web page, within the Year End Guidance section: Budgets – Support for schools and settings (