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Administration 90: Reminder – Schools Mutual Fund Coverage relating to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Cover

This is a reminder to our Schools Mutual Fund members that the fund allows for Covid-19 related claims, including the following:

Covid – Self Isolation

Covid – Shielding

Covid – Positive Case

Covid – Long Covid Symptoms

In order to be eligible to make a claim through the mutual fund you have to meet BOTH of these criteria:
1. You have to have a legal obligation to continue paying your current member of staff
2. You have to have a legal obligation to pay a different person, for supply cover. This person will either be external to the school or would be a current member of staff (likely employed on a part time basis) working additional hours above and beyond their normal contracted hours. If you are simply using a member of your regular staff to cover this work as part of their normal contracted hours, you would not be eligible to make a claim through the mutual fund, as you are not incurring additional costs

Please note: Employees who have been signed off by their GP should not do any work, including working from home, to ensure compliance with Employer Liability Insurance.

When claiming, please ensure you select one of the above options on the claim form.

Percentage Claim Option

The fund also allows for percentage claims, where an employee has been able to complete a proportion of their role remotely, provided they have not been signed off by a GP. In these circumstances, a mutual fund claim would be allowable for the percentage of the role where cover was required to backfill the member of staff. Further information can be found on our website under ‘Covid-19 Guidance’ Mutual Fund – Support for schools (

If you have any further queries regarding claim eligibility, please contact us: