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Administration 107: Dealing with Internal Invoices/Payments via Central payments in FMS

It has come to light that when a school completes and submits an Internal Invoice Request spreadsheet and it contains more than one line of charges, that the ‘Automatic Reconciliation Report’ contains an error. This is because the report sent back to the originator school, includes all the amounts on the first code used within the internal invoice. Therefore, the originator school will assume that the internal invoice has not been processed correctly and request online journals to correct the mistakes as indicated on the ‘Automatic Reconciliation Report’. However, the internal invoice has been processed correctly and the correct amounts are contained within FINEST, but it is the report that is incorrect and is not showing the precise breakdown.

Where the above has occurred you will be required to follow the Scomis FAQ on this matter. Please find the Scomis guidance via this link: Scomis FAQ