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Access protection


In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, our Highways teams have been prioritising our work to continue to deliver essential works on Devon’s roads.

As a result, our ability to respond to applications has been affected and there are significant delays in processing and marking new Access Protection Markings (APM’s). We thank you for your support and co-operation.

We can provide access protection bar markings (APMs) when there is a recognised problem:

  1. at a private vehicular access for a disabled blue badge holder (there must be a dropped kerb access to a driveway or garage)
  2. at a single private vehicular access for a number of properties to maintain access for emergency services
  3. at a direct pedestrian access from a property to the carriageway, for example, where there is no pavement
  4. at a dropped kerb provided for the benefit of pedestrians or wheelchair users
  5. where there is an overriding traffic management or road safety reason for keeping an access clear.

If the scenarios above are not met then an APM is unlikely to be provided. Phone 0345 155 1004 if you wish to apply for an APM.

Please also be aware that:

APMs are not enforceable
APMs provide no additional powers of enforcement, an APM will only be marked to highlight the presence of an access and encourage considerate and proper parking adjacent to this.

While parking that physically obstructs a dropped crossing can be enforced by both the police and the County Council (utilising civil parking enforcement powers), a response will not be possible in every instance. Often there is an underlying neighbourly issue where there are repeat occurrences and mediation, possibly via the local PCSO may be the most beneficial approach.

APMs that are removed during road works or resurfacing are not routinely re-marked
This is in line with our maintenance policy. Customers will need to apply for a new APM after work has been completed.

APMs will never be marked opposite a driveway or garage

APMs will not be extended
An APM will only be marked to highlight the present of an access and encourage considerate and proper parking adjacent to this. An APM will extend along the length of the dropped kerbs across the access and up to 1m beyond (where there are transition kerbs).

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we recommend using our live chat facility first or contacting us.