• Two year old funding

    The Citizens Portal can be used by any parent who wants to check if they are eligible for 2 year old funding. Where parents have seen changes to their employment and income over the last 12 months there may be more 2 year olds eligible for funding so please encourage your parents to run a check.

  • Egress secure email

    We have been experiencing problems opening emails that have been sent securely to the Early Years Entitlement Funding Mailbox using Egress Secure Email. The issue is under investigation by our ICT team.

  • Government updates

    Updates include: ‘What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during COVID-19’; and ‘Early years funding: 2021-2022’.

  • Funding Friday

    Funding streams include: Hall & Woodhouse Community Chest, The Eric Charles Charitable Trust and The Nora Smith Charitable Settlement.

  • The Big Ask

    The survey from the Children’s Commissioner for England will be live from 19 April until May 19 and asks young people across the country to set out their priorities for improving childhood post-COVID.

  • Virtual ‘coffee-break catch-up’ sessions

    Following the continued success of the virtual ‘coffee-break catch-up’ sessions, further sessions have been planned by the Early Years and Childcare Service for the 26th, 29th and 30 April 2021.