Community services for children aged 0-2 years – expression of interest survey

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, children aged 0-2 years and their families have seen a vast reduction in the services available to them compared to children in the same age group prior to Covid-19. This has had an impact on some children’s Emotional, Social and Physical development. We now have a great deal of work to do, to ensure that services are available to these children and their families to support them to develop in these areas, and reduce the chances of a long- term impact.

Action for Children and Devon County Council are looking at increasing the universal services available to children aged 0-2 years across Devon in the coming twelve months. This could be through supporting independent providers to increase their services, providing training to enable new providers to start up, offering space for services to be run from, or perhaps financial assistance to purchase resources.

Would you be interested in being part of the team of services who support children in this age group over the next twelve months?

Please complete our questionnaire.