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Young people


Bridges is a collaborative service that aims to safely prevent and reduce the number of children and young people entering care in Devon

Children in care

How we are safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people in our care

Children’s homes

Day care, overnight stays and short breaks for children and young people with complex healthcare needs, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum conditions and additional needs.

Child employment and entertainment

Advice for parents and employers on what they need to do before and once a child is employed to work

Corporate parenting strategy 2022-24

Our commitment to see children and young people with care-experience flourish and thrive in Devon

Health for Teens Devon

A wide range of health advice and support for teenagers in Devon

Mind Of My Own

An app to help children and young people in care express their views and communicate with their social worker


REACH (Reducing Exploitation and Absence from Care or Home)

Stand Up Speak Up

Information about the Children in Care Council and having your say if you are in care or a care leaver


Find out about the youth centres and services available to young people in Devon

UK Youth Parliament Devon

A group of young people, elected by their peers to represent them on issues affecting young people in Devon, locally, regionally and nationally.

VOYC Devon

VOYC Devon works to champion and strengthen children and young people organisations in Devon

Young carers

Support is available to people under 18 years old who provide care for another person

Youth enquiry service (YES)

Offering young people free and confidential advice and support

Youth Justice Service

Devon’s Youth Justice Service works with young people that get into trouble with the law


Drug and alcohol prevention and treatment service for young people in Devon

Lifelong Links

Lifelong Links helps children and young people who don’t live with their family reconnect