• Continuation of the Early Years Attendance Survey

    The Department for Education (DFE) have consulted on ending the collection of attendance data from Local Authorities after the summer term.  We are still awaiting further communication on this, we will update you as we receive further information from the DFE.

  • Goodie Box – summer update

    Unfortunately we are unable to run The Goodie Box during the Summer Holiday period. We have put together some information we hope will be useful for families: recipes, activity ideas, and links to other support families may be able to access throughout the summer.

  • Government updates – 29 July 2021

    An update to Development Matters, ‘Use of PPE in education, childcare and children’s social care’, ‘Ofsted EIF inspections and the EYFS’, ‘Foundation Years Newsletter’ and ‘Tell Ofsted if you have a COVID-19 incident at your childcare business’.

  • News from the Early Years and Childcare team

    There will be no Digest during August, please remind your staff to subscribe to the Digest so that they can keep up to date with the latest updates and a reminder that the last Attendance Survey was on 22 July 2021.

  • An update to Development Matters

    The DfE have published a revised version of Development Matters to reflect feedback received from the Early Adopter schools that have adopted the reforms over the 2020/21 academic year. The changes to content are minor and you will not need to alter any planning based on the September 2020 version that you may have already made.