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Educational Psychology Service core offer – funded by Devon County Council

School Review Consultations

As the EP service gradually returns to early intervention work, following a focus on statutory assessments, 100 targeted schools can access a termly School Review Consultation to problem-solve whole school key priorities and challenges linked to SEND. This is a multi-agency meeting with representatives from other SEN support and Inclusion services.

The School Review Consultation will be used to:

  • Consider and problem-solve whole school priorities and challenges linked to SEND.
  • Consider effective, evidence-based interventions and support at the individual, group, staff, whole-school, or community level.
  • Bring anonymised situations for immediate problem-solving.
  • Unpick the needs of vulnerable groups and agree an action plan.
  • Plan the focus of any additional EP Psychology Works consultation, supervision and training (traded work).

    Statutory assessment

    Most children’s needs will be well met within the ordinarily available inclusive provision and targeted provision within schools. For some children with significant and persistent needs, more joint assessment and planning may be needed via an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA).

    The Educational Psychology Service is commissioned to provide assessment and advice as part of an EHCNA.

      Critical incident support

      The EP service provides support to schools and settings following a sudden and unexpected traumatic event which may overwhelm usual coping mechanisms.

      Further information can be found here.

      Educational Psychology Service traded services – purchased by schools and settings

      EPS traded services are currently restricted to targeted schools with high inclusion needs. We hope to be able to extend this offer to more schools in time.

      Targeted primary schools can purchase up to 2 days of EP Traded services per year. Targeted secondary schools can purchase up to 4 days of EP Traded services per year.

      This time can be used for: Psychology Works consultation, training and supervision.

      Psychology Woks Consultation


      The Educational Psychology Service can deliver training on many subjects to meet the needs of a range of audiences and settings. Training can be delivered to groups of staff, individual schools and/or MATS and federations. The training can be designed to meet the specific requirements of the setting. 

      Examples of training include – Using Relational Approaches, Executive functioning in the classroom and Understanding Emotionally Based School Avoidance. 


      The EP Service can support schools and settings to promote staff wellbeing via psychologically informed staff supervision. Providing effective supervision can build resilience and wellbeing and support effective problem-solving and decision-making, which in turn promotes positive outcomes for children and young people.

      We can provide individual and group supervision, which can be run with a single school or with groups of schools.