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School effectiveness

Equality policy

The ‘Equality Policy and Guidance for Schools’ document produced by the Governance Consultancy team enables leaders to ensure that they meet the public sector equality duty of 2010 with confidence. It is practical and concise and is set out in five parts including:

  • a model policy and list of duties for the school to personalise and adopt
  • some examples of equality objectives for inclusion in the school improvement plan
  • a checklist for auditing practice
  • a simple flow chart outlining the all key activities needed to meet the duty

This is provided to schools in the format of a Word document as it is essential that schools do not just adopt the policy as it is but consider it carefully and add in their own context and details.

The Equality Policy and Guidance for Schools is available to download from the governance microsite for subscribing schools.

Equality Policy and Guidance for Schools