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Information sharing guidance from Devon and Cornwall Police

The partner agency information sharing form is available here. This portal is an easily accessible way for our partners to share information about vulnerability and crime.

Dear Colleagues
We have made life easier for everyone and the Partner Agency Information Sharing form is now ‘live’ on the Devon and Cornwall Police external website. This portal is an easily accessible way for our Partners to share information about Vulnerability and Crime.
Thank you all very much for your feedback, which has led us to replace the old email system. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support from all our partner agencies to make sharing intelligence easier and more effective. Sharing information between ourselves lawfully is vital, so we can work together to understand the threat and harm to the most vulnerable people, as well as the risk others pose.
Any of your teams who believe a child or adult is vulnerable or being exploited can use this form to provide intelligence or information that they think Devon and Cornwall Police should be aware of. If you’ve witnessed something that could be relevant to vulnerability or exploitation do not ignore it, please report it. Intelligence submitted via this form could include a variety of points such as; information about a concerning incident, suspicious activity, an unusual exchange between two or more people or something that makes you feel uncomfortable.
When supplying information please provide as much detail as possible. (Full names, addresses and dates of birth whenever known, descriptions, vehicle registration details, telephone numbers). Anything that can assist the police in identifying the people and places involved or developing the information further. Indeed if you know the identity of the person (s) or place please ensure that is included to make our response as effective as possible.
In most cases we won’t be able to give updates on what has happened with the submissions however with the new portal we will be able to provide Partners with data on numbers and types of submissions from their organisations which I know many of you wanted. Crucially all of the data used will be included in the profiles we share with you around Organised crime and Vulnerability.
Please remember that this isn’t a referral form and does not replace any pre-existing referral or statutory safeguarding procedures. Always call 999 if there is an emergency, a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.
The Children’s Society has created a guide to intelligence that some may find useful.
Thank you for all your support
DCI Jon Bancroft