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Coding FAQs


General Tips

You can journal between most codes to reflect initial incorrect coding, but you cannot journal monies to or from the budget allocation codes (9050-9059). With internal codes you can journal between internal codes, but you cannot mix internal and external ledger codes.

Why can’t I see a code I wish to use?

Certain codes, like budget share codes are not available for use. If you believe you need to journal from these codes, please contact the Schools Finance Team.

Can I journal between budget share and extended school provision?

Yes, if you have a separate fund set up such as G121, you can move most costs and income between the two. However it is better to ensure the coding is correct at source.

Can I journal between schools in our federation?

No, this facility does not allow this, but please consider running the federation accounts through your hub school. Email the Schools Finance Team if you wish to do this.

Can I journal items that should not have been charged/credited to our budget and relate to other schools?

No, this facility does not allow this. You will need to submit details to the Schools Finance Team via email.

What if I find that VAT has been extracted but should not have been (and vice-versa) – am I able to journal these items?

No, the facility does not allow this. You would need to submit details to the Schools Finance Team via email. Please provide a full narrative to what the journal relates.

Can I journal to and from CAPSCH?

You can only journal contributions to capital (Debit R001 and credit C992). Any other journals involving capital will need to be requested using the school finance enquiries form and a full explanation given.
For instance, you have a capital project that will spend more than the available allocation and there as an item correctly charged to CAPSCH – C602 (furniture & fittings short life) then this has to be paid for from revenue. This can be done, but you would always need to debit ledger code R001 on revenue and always credit C992 on capital (contribution from SBS).
Items initially charged to SBS that you feel should come out of the capital budget can be transferred so long as sufficient detail is provided and that the item is something that can be recognised as typical capital expenditure.
A typical example would be: item initially charged to SBS for £2,000, G120 – 2702 (grounds mtce grass cutters) required to be on CAPSCH – C635 (motorised plant & equipment).
Credit – G120 – G2702 £2,000
Debit – CAPSCH – C635 £2,000
Try to correctly identify capital spend at source and code it correctly. If it is genuine capital, code it as such and if necessary move money to fund it.

General restrictions

  • You cannot move more money than is posted to a code.
  • You cannot move monies to or from the Government Grants code (9001). If you feel there are items that should not be credited there, or vice versa, please let us know via the school finance enquiries form and we will investigate.
  • Generally speaking, you should not attempt to move expenditure items on to income codes and vice versa. If you believe there should be such a transaction, please contact the Schools Finance Team.

General tips

Give adequate detail so you can recognise the entry on the download and on print-outs.

  • For payroll items, state the person’s assignment number and the period to which it relates, e.g. 223311-1, September 2016. You should also then state whether it relates to pay, national insurance, superannuation or overtime.
  • For creditors/debtor items, you should include enough detail so that it is possible to easily ascertain the context and nature of the journal transaction.
  • Consider a summary entry for multiple low value items.