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Report a problem with a tree

Overgrown trees

An overgrown tree

Landowners are responsible for making sure that any vegetation, on their land, does not overgrow and cause an obstruction on the highway.

Vegetation and trees that might do this are usually on private land and, if this is the case, we will write to the landowner and ask that they take action.

When the tree is the responsibility of Devon County Council we will carry out the work.

If you are concerned that a tree has grown into a footpath, over a road, or is blocking a streetlight we can assess the location.

Report overgrown trees

Hazardous trees

A tree is a hazard when all, or a section, could fall and potentially injure people or damage property.

The following can help to identify a hazardous tree:

  • Splits or cracks in the trunk or branches.
  • Branches that are broken or hanging.
  • Sections of bark damaged or stripped to show the wood beneath (some trees, such as plan or eucalyptus, naturally shed their bark).
  • Soil movement around the base of the tree in strong winds.
  • Sections showing signs of rotting.
  • Growth of fungi on the bark, wood or around the base of the tree.
  • Foliage dying back or going brown for no apparent reason on evergreen trees, or out of season for deciduous trees.

Report a hazardous tree

Fallen trees and branches

If a branch or tree has fallen across a road or footway we can arrange for it to be cleared.

Report a fallen tree or branch