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Safe travel

Parking and congestion issues outside schools

Drivers . Please park considerately away from the school entrance
Drivers . Please park considerately away from the school entrance

Inconsiderate or inappropriate parking and traffic congestion at school travel time can be an issue outside many schools.

There is not one magic solution to fix this. It will require a range of measures applied regularly throughout the school year and commitment from the school and wider school community.

Report a Parking problem

Where not to park.

  • Near the School entrance.
  • On the SCHOOL KEEP CLEAR yellow zigzag lines.
  • On Single Yellow lines when a restriction is in place.
  • On Double Yellow Lines.
  • Where it will affect visibility or make it difficult for others to walk or cross the road.

What we do.

We can offer advice and help schools set up many free projects to encourage children walking and cycling. This can reduce the number of children driven to school. 

What the School and wider school community can do.

School Travel Plan.

  • A School Travel Plan is the first step.
  • It is an opportunity to formally record what measures the school are taking to discourage parents driving children to school and parking near the school.
  • The Plan should tackle the issue of inconsiderate parking and congestion outside the school.


  • Report a Parking Problem
  • Try and establish a working relationship with Devon County Council’s Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) team and also the local Police officer.
  • Dangerous or inconsiderate parking that is causing an obstruction should be reported to the Police.


Help parents and children with their school journeys.

  • Provide information to encourage children cycling to school e.g. details of the cycle parking at the school or create videos of popular routes.
  • Maps identifying cycling and walking routes, footpaths / cut throughs, shared paths and quiet streets.
  • Park and Stride – encouraging parents to park away from the school environment and walking the extra distance.

Let us know what works at your school!