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2019 Informal Consultation

In 2019, Devon County Council ran a consultation to measure the support for a residents’ parking scheme in certain areas in Exmouth. This was in response to requests from residents of these areas and reports that they are experiencing difficulties with the current on-street parking that is taking place.

The intention of the scheme is to ensure that residents have priority over parking within their area, while also ensuring that local needs are considered, for instance, that local businesses and other employment hubs are not unfairly disadvantaged.

The consultation started on 4 October 2019 and closed on 25 October 2019 and the results were presented to the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee on 4 December 2020.

The committee resolved

  • that the results of the consultation be noted;
  • that approval be given to advertise the Traffic Regulation Orders for the additional restrictions detailed in the Report and shown on the supplementary plans and that, if no objections are received, the Orders be made and sealed;
  • that the Chief Officer for Highways, Infrastructure Development and Waste be given delegated powers, in consultation with the Committee Chair and the local County Councillors, to make minor amendments to the scheme details prior to the statutory consultation; and
  • that those areas that have not been progressed following the consultation process will not normally be considered again for residents’ parking for three years and only then if resources allow.

The council is now finalising the detailed proposals for further consultation in early 2022.


Consultation Results and proposed Scheme as presented to the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee on 4 December 2020

Plans of the areas that were considered during the 2019 consultation are:

Some more information about residents’ parking schemes can be found in the following consultation handout document.

Next steps

Following the committee decision, the council is finalising the detailed proposals and legal documents for the statutory consultation. This will take place in early 2022 and affected residents will be notified of the consultation and given details on how to submit comments. Any comments submitted will be considered by the County Councillors before any final decision is made.