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Live roadworks information

Devon County Council has developed an interactive roadworks map to provide present, future and completed activity that is taking, or has taken, place on the highway network in Devon.

If the information you require is not displayed please let us know by speaking with a live chat adviser or via our contact us page.

The interactive map has the following information available;

Present activity

Planned works

Any work that is taking place on the highway, that has a roadworks notice, will be visible on this layer.  This includes any work carried out by Devon County Council and our term maintenance contractor; Skanska or other framework contractors, private works and any work being undertaken by a utility company.

Works that are not currently detailed include our cyclic maintenance works such as gully cleaning and grass/verge cutting.

Road closure diversion routes can be found at

Reactive works

Reactive works are defects that have been identified either through a public report or an inspection, ie pothole, obstruction, flooding, etc.  Any reactive works displayed within this layer have not yet been completed.

Future activity

Proposed activity

These works are at the proposal stage.  Any work that is displayed is not yet confirmed, however there is an intention for the work to take place.  It is a legal requirement for these works to be identified by the submission of a forward planning notice.

Please be aware that proposed activity does not guarantee that works detailed will take place as a number of factors could influence final works programmes.

Planned activity

This is work that has moved from the proposal stage and now has a confirmed start date.  This is identified through the submission of an initial notice.

Please be aware that although planned activity will take place, there are a few factors that may result in start and end dates changing, ie the weather.

Completed works – last 3 months

Completed works

All works, that were noticed, that have been undertaken and completed on the highway, within the last 3 months, are visible under this option.

Reactive works

All defects that have been completed in the last 3 months will be displayed.

If you have any feedback on the interactive map detailed above, please let us know.