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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Extra care housing

Covid-19 Message to providers. Face masks, guidance and virtual Local Care Home Forum

20 March 2020

Dear Provider Colleague

We’re very conscious that advice and guidance, and the landscape generally in Devon in relation to COVID-19 is changing at a rapid pace, so thank you again for your continuing commitment in these uncertain times.

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Personal protective equipment for the care sector

19 March 2020

We know that supplies of personal protective equipment to the care sector is fundamental for the good care of individuals with suspected symptoms of Covid-19. We are clear that no wholesaler has been asked to prioritise NHS provision over the care sector nor should they be doing so.

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Coronavirus occupational therapy advice to help keep people busy!

18 March 2020

This leaflet provides easy tips for carers to help prevent boredom and maintain routines when having to self-isolate because of the virus.
Changes to daily routine, staff who don’t know the person, and reduced ability to engage in a range of activities outside of home will create anxiety and potentially distressed behaviour.
This leaflet will help you think about how to fill the day meaningfully and ensure there is minimal disruption to the predictability and structure of the day.

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Covid-19 Message to providers. Frequently Asked Questions

17 March 2020

Dear Provider Colleague

I wanted to write with a general update in relation to the current situation to give you an idea of some of the work we are doing and which we will be sharing more about in the coming days. But, before doing so, I just want to thank you for the commitment you are showing to the vulnerable people we are here to support, especially at a time when there is so much uncertainty for you and your teams.

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Free emergency helpline to support businesses affected by coronavirus

16 March 2020

Businesses across the South West, who are facing changes to their working environments due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be able to access free advice and support on remote and home working with the launch of a new helpline.

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