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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Oral Health for Adults

a lady squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush Resources to help you get started

NICE guidance 48
The section on ‘Putting this guidance into practice’ suggests an approach to getting started and keeping going with improvements.
This webpage also contacts lots of useful links – click on ‘Tools and Resources’ tab for: Quick guide, Oral assessment form, Baseline assessment.

NICE guidance quality standard 151
This has been developed to help organisations to implement NICE guidance 48.

Delivering better oral health: evidence-based toolkit for prevention
This toolkit explains what health and social care professionals and dental professionals can do to help improve oral health and prevent oral diseases and disorders.  Sections 2 (tooth brushing), 3 (fluoride toothpaste) and 4 (healthy eating) may be especially relevant to supporting adults in care homes.

Keep Smiling: Mouth & Teeth Care for Older People
The Relatives and Residents Association has published a practical booklet for understanding why mouth care matters for older people, how good oral health can improve quality of life and the steps we can take to support residents’ oral health.  It can be found at: Keep smiling: why mouth care matters
There’s a link near the end of the page to download the PDF for free or order copies.  It doesn’t replace staff training but may be a useful reminder or a resource for residents’ families.

Useful contacts in Devon

Dental care
COVID-19 has significantly affected the way dental teams can provide patient care.  Systems are in place to provide urgent dental care.  Dental teams may not be able to provide all of their routine dental services in their usual timescales at present.

Urgent dental care
People who have a dental practice and use it regularly should contact their dentist by phone to seek a referral. All NHS dental surgeries should be accessible by telephone.
People who do not have access to a regular dentist for routine care and require urgent treatment, can access urgent dental care as follows:
Plymouth: 01752 434664 (Monday to Friday between 8.45a.m. and 5.00p.m.)
Outside these hours, contact the dental helpline on 03330 063 300 or email:
Elsewhere in Devon: 03330 063 300 or email:

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