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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Flu vaccination


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Key flu information sources

If you have any specific issues or questions that you would like to raise please do so as follows:

National guidance of flu vaccination

Flu vaccination guidance for social care workers.

Flu and flu vaccination 2021/22: A toolkit for care homes

Flu and flu vaccination 2021/22: A toolkit for care homes

Biggest flu programme in history to roll out for winter 2021-2022

Free seasonal flu vaccine to be made available for over 35 million people in 2021.

  • those under 50 years in clinical risk groups
  • pregnant women
  • those aged 50 years and over
  • unpaid carers
  • close contacts of immunocompromised individuals
  • frontline health and adult social care staff

(These posters below are for print purposes only)

Personal assistants (PAs): eligible for free flu vaccination

All PAs are eligible for a free flu vaccination from their GP practice or a local community pharmacy.

Winter flu jab promotional materials and blog

Natasha Edwards, Registered Manager at Evergreen Care Home, explains why she and her colleagues are fully behind the booster and winter flu jab. Download promotional materials from Public Health England and read her blog by clicking the link below.

Confused about booster jabs and flu vaccines?

Here’s what you need to know.

Flu e-learning

On-line course to ensure staff understand this year’s flu vaccination programme.

Flu jab materials

There is an NHS flu QR code poster which care staff can scan with a smart phone device. The poster takes you to a short online form  that verifies your status and sends you the flu vaccination entitlement letter.

A wide range of resources are available from the national Campaign Resource Centre including:

  • Posters – for pregnant women, children 2-3 years old and people with long term health conditions, translated posters for carers
  • Social media assets
  • Digital screens and web banners
  • A range of translated assets – including posters and leaflets
  • Easy read posters and leaflets
  • Videos for those with a learning disability, or carer of someone with a learning disability, on the importance of the flu vaccine
  • Braille leaflets
  • British Sign Language videos
  • A flu message to add to your email signature

Plus a leaflet explaining why, if a person is eligible, they may be asked to wait for their vaccine.

Flu vaccination programme for front line social care staff

All frontline health and social care staff are eligible for a FREE flu vaccination this year. There are is no national shortage of the flu vaccine, there are enough doses for 30 million people to be vaccinated in England.

This season, early demand for flu vaccine has also been higher than usual due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. This means that some GP practices and pharmacies will have to ask people to wait until they receive further deliveries.

At present people who are more at risk from flu are being prioritised, including people with long-term health conditions.

You will be able to access your free vaccination via your GP or Pharmacy, and bookings will open again shortly when additional stock becomes available.

Please fill out this simple form to access a letter confirming your eligibility for the vaccine.

To find out more please see Why am I being asked to wait for my flu vaccine?

Learning disability carers eligible for free flu vaccine

All children and adults with learning disabilities and their family members or paid supporters are eligible to receive a free flu vaccine.
Preventing flu is particularly important for people with learning disabilities. It can lead to pneumonia and sepsis, which many people with a learning disability are much more vulnerable to than the general population.
People with learning disabilities are less likely to get the flu if people around them have also been vaccinated. Family carers can get the flu vaccination for free if they’re the main carer, as can support workers.
Flu jabs are available from your pharmacist or GP.

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