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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

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Welcome to our new engagement structure

Graphic showing the structure of the county wide strategic forums

Care Provider Locality Forums (operational level)

Frequency: every two months

July Dates:

Area Date
East 18th @ 2pm
North 20th @ 3.30pm
South 19th @ 1pm
West 18th @ 3.30pm

Indicative dates: March, May, July, September, November

There will be four locality forums: Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western, reflecting both the health and social care localities and the four acute hospitals.

Issues raised at these forums should be locality based only and any issues which are wider should be referred to either Sector Forums or Countywide Strategic Forum.

All providers in a locality will be invited to their geographical forum to be briefed by an Assistant Director (or representative) on operational challenges in their area.  It will be important to ensure effective connection with the Local Care Partnerships.

Care Provider Locality Forums will:

  • Only discuss locality issues, primarily form an operational perspective
  • Escalate to sector specific forums when necessary
  • Facilitate mutual responsibility for raising issues from system and provider perspectives
  • Be accountable for active participation and communication                These forums are engagement opportunities for care home providers and their registered managers, to meet with DCC Market Management Team and the locality Assistant Director/Social Care Operational team to discuss and share local concerns, topics of interest and hear about the latest market support. You can view all of the previous meeting minutes in the online library. If you have not received the link to join the meeting, please email stating which locality meeting you would like to receive invites for (North, East or South & West).

Sector Specific Forums, (tactical level)

Frequency: all monthly

Indicative Dates: see below pending decisions tbc

Issues raised at these forums should primarily be sector-wide / tactical. or strategic ones which only affect a Sector.

Sector Specific Forums will:

  • Develop thinking and discussions on sector-specific issues
  • Topic based with invitations with system partners to attend
  • Exploratory/developmental
  • Action-oriented as appropriate
  • Discuss commissioning intentions
  • Accountable for active participation and communication
  • Involve relevant invites to Specific Trade Association (e.g., DCHC
  • Create Project Groups for the specific sectors when necessary

Countywide Strategic Forum

Welcome to the new quarterly Countywide Strategic Forum, which is open to all providers who are interested. Please email if you are interested in participating.

This high-level forum will primarily be of interest to providers with the appetite for strategic discussion, but all providers will be invited so everyone gets the opportunity to get important messages.

This forum will cover important countywide, cross-sectoral topics such as budget announcements, strategic developments and key policy and practice changes.

System partners such as the Integrated Care Board, NHS Devon and Devon Partnership Trust will be invited to present their significant issues and trade association representatives will be expected to participate representing their sectors.

Indicative dates: Feb, May, September, December

We are looking forward to how we engage in the future and to hear feedback from providers regarding strategic items.

The first meeting took place on Monday 27 February at 1pm-3pm. 

The upcoming meeting dates are:

  • Monday 5 June 1-3pm
  • Monday 25 September 1-3pm
  • Monday 4 December

Sector Forums

County Care Home Forum

County Care Home Forum:

An open invitation to all care homes within the Devon County Council footprint to regularly meet with Devon’s Market Management Team, CCG, commissioners and other professionals to share information on key topics of interest and concern, hear about and get involved in care home commissioning work and find out more about other key national and local care home priorities.

2023 meeting dates:

2-3pm, Tuesday 25 April 2023 CANCELLED

2-3pm, Tuesday 23 May 2023

2-3pm, Tuesday 27 June 2023

2-3pm, 25 July 2023

2-3pm, 26 September 2023

2-3pm, 31 October 2023

2-3pm, 28 November 2023

There will be no meeting in August and December.

Invitations for the monthly meetings will include a meeting joining link which will be sent out to care homes prior to each meeting.

Personal Care at Home Provider Forum

An open invitation to all Personal Care providers within the Devon County Council footprint to regularly meet with Devon’s Market Management Team, ICB, commissioners and other professionals to share information on key topics of interest and concern, hear about and get involved in personal care commissioning work and find out more about other key national and local care home priorities.

The agenda will be as follows, but we will adjust it to include specific relevant updates as required.

  1. Welcome
  2. Market update
  3. Key messages
  4. Provider hot topics
  5. AOB

You will note there is a section on an agenda item for Provider hot topics – we would be really pleased to receive ideas from you on what you would like raised – or for any topics you would like to present to the group.

2023 meeting dates:

Wednesday 19 April 11am – 12 noon – CANCELLED

Wednesday 17 May 11am – 12 noon

Wednesday 21 June 11am – 12 noon

Wednesday 19 July 11am – 12 noon

Wednesday 16 August 11am – 12 noon

Wednesday 20 September 11am – 12 noon

Wednesday 18 October 11am – 12 noon

Wednesday 22 November 11am – 12 noon

Wednesday 20 December 11am – 12 noon

Invitations for the monthly meetings will include a meeting joining link which will be sent out to providers prior to each meeting.

Housing with Support, Enabling and Day Services Sector Forum

The countywide Housing with Support, Enabling, & Day Services Sector Forum meets monthly on the last Thursday of the month from 11am until 12 noon. It‘s a chance for organisations who provide supported living, enabling, extra care, shared lives, day services, enabling and the homeless support services that are commissioned by DCC, to get together to discuss or raise any strategic or process issues rather than individual service users issues.
The main aim is to unblock any barriers we encounter when working across this market, escalate issues appropriately and basically join up our work better. If you deliver these services and would like to join the forum then please contact us:

May – Thursday 25 11am-12noon

June – Thursday 29 11am-12noon

July – Thursday 27 11am-12noon

August – Thursday 31 11am-12noon

September – Thursday 28 11am-12noon

October – Thursday 26 11am-12noon

November – Thursday 30 11am-12noon

December – No meeting

Mental Health Provider Forums

Jacqui Blackmore is chairing quarterly meetings, which are attended by MH providers, DCC commissioners and Devon and Cornwall Police.
Please contact if you would like to attend.

Devon Residential and Nursing (DRN) WhatsApp group

Devon Care Home Collaborative (DCHC) runs a WhatsApp group for care home providers or managers to join a peer to peer support group that provides quick responses on questions you may have as well as flagging up resources, training and gathering your feedback on key issues. Please email: with your request. Please note it is one contact per care home.

DISCA (Devon Integrated Social Care Alliance)

Devon providers have set up the DISCA (Devon Integrated Social Care Alliance) Community Forum WhatsApp group.

The group is for all care sectors including organisations commissioned/not commissioned by DCC and micro providers.

Devon Care Homes Collaborative

Devon Care Homes Collaborative (DCHC) is a membership organisation that provides support to care home providers, managers and staff in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay. They aim to share best practice, provide inspiration, stimulate innovation, enable peer to peer learning and support the development of a financially sustainable care sector that understands and meets the common needs of members.

They work collaboratively with key stakeholders: the local authority, NHS and Clinical Commissioning Group, Devon STP, Proud to Care and others to support those working in the sector who strive to provide good quality care for those in need.

Membership to DCHC is free and open to all care home providers, managers and staff.

DCHC also runs regular events.


For updates on webinars please visit our Webinars, online meetings and learning page.

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