HER Licence

The following text is the terms under which HER information is provided for re-use:

Licence for re-use of Historic Environment Record information

Re-use of Historic Environment Record information from Devon County Council shall be under the following conditions:

  • The information requested is supplied pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (2000), Environmental Information Regulations (2004) and the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations (2005).
  • This information will only be used by or for the organisation that has requested it, and for the specific project for which the request was made only. All HER users will accurately inform HER staff of the purpose of their enquiry (for example, the proposed development the licence request relates to) and the use to which the information will be put (for example, desk based assessment, evaluation excavation, personal research etc.)
  • The information will be released with a 12 month user licence; this may, on request, be updated up to 6 months after the original release date. If the data is required for longer than 12 months a new licence and updated information will be issued and a new charge raised.
  • The HER must be consulted for any new research based on HER data that was supplied over 12 months previously to ensure that the data is current and without any omission of new information that the HER has received since the original request.
  • All users will inform the Devon HER of new sites or information that come to light as a result of their research. Copies of, or access to, the completed research will be made available within a timescale agreed with HER staff.
  • The HER database is compiled from a variety of sources and while every reasonable effort is made to verify information contained within it, the information it contains should not be seen as definitive. Therefore, Devon County Council does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of any information supplied nor does it accept any liability for any loss or damage caused by any reliance placed on such material. The boundaries of designated heritage assets (e.g. Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings, etc.) shown on any maps provided by the HER have been provided digitally by Historic England and are intended to act as a guide only. For definitive information on designated heritage assets the enquirer should contact Historic England and/or consult the National Heritage List for England.
  • Devon County Council reserves all rights of copyright which are owned in the material provided. Dissemination to a third party without the written consent of Devon County Council is a breach of that copyright, and subsequent requests for information may be refused. Information supplied shall be used for the purposes specified only, and shall not be retained after that use has finished.
  • Where specific consent under the copyright provisions governing the HER has been obtained for dissemination of HER information to third parties through publications, reports or theses, due acknowledgement of the use of HER information will be given.

More about the HER information provided can be found here.