TIDE – Atlantic Network for Developing Historical Maritime Tourism

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We are a partner in the TIDE project, to develop and market new types of historical maritime tourist attractions and packages for the Atlantic, based on cooperation to share cultural assets across regions, supported by new technologies and transnational collaboration tools.

Outcomes will:

  • Present cultural content from other regions as well as Devon.
  • Connect visitor centres to real underwater sites that contain shipwrecks or submarines.
  • Create a richer visitor experience by introducing new technologies such as Virtual Reality.
  • Focus on historical niches that have left a cultural footprint across Atlantic regions, e.g. Spanish Armada, Napoleonic Wars, U-Boat Warfare, Trans-Atlantic Migration.
  • Be based in existing cultural attraction buildings.

A dedicated TIDE website for Devon is in development – coming soon!

The project runs from May 2019 toJuly 2023, and is funded by the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme through the European Regional Development Fund.