Devon’s historic environment

The ‘historic environment’ includes all the physical evidence that our ancestors have left in the landscapes of town and countryside.  It covers the whole spectrum of human creations from the largest – towns, cathedrals or highways – to the very smallest – signposts, standing stones or buried flint tools.

Totnes Fore Street and Eastgate. Photo: Devon County Council.

The rich and distinctive nature of Devon’s historic environment is apparent in its buildings, in its monuments and in the landscape itself.  Although most of Devon’s historic environment does not enjoy statutory protection, the county does contain a significant proportion of historic landscapes, monuments and buildings that are designated as being of international or national importance. These include the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site, Scheduled Monuments, Registered Historic Parks and Gardens, Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas as well as two National Parks and five AONBs.

An outline of aspects of Devon’s historic environment is provided here.