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Join us and create digital services that make life better for the people of Devon.

In the Digital Transformation Team, we’re committed to understanding the needs of our users and designing services that meet those needs. We achieve this through user research and a user-centred approach to design challenges. The team also follows agile methods for developing new digital products, so we can continuously improve services based on user feedback.

Our work is central to ensuring people can more easily get the help they need. This means our users are happier and their lives are made simpler. Here in the Digital Transformation Team, we want to provide easy-to-use digital services and we are looking for people to join us who share that very same goal.

Local government is changing faster than ever and needs people with digital skills. So why should you consider working with us? Well, within the team, we welcome flexible working including working-from-home and always encourage team members to think creatively through their work to drive improvement.

As an employer, we invest time and effort into training so that our team’s expertise is always developing. Many of our team enjoy the lifestyle benefits of both living and working in Devon while everyone gets great satisfaction from the work they do.

We are looking to recruit to the following roles within our fast-growing Digital Transformation Team. Click on the job title below to find out more about the role and apply:

These roles are the newest additions to a team that has grown rapidly during 2020 and built a strong collaborative working culture despite working remotely. The Team has developed a reputation for fast delivery of digital solutions, including those needed to respond to the many challenges related to Covid 19.

In 2021, we’re planning more growth and further improvements in the way we work. We need talented people that know how to use agile methods and user-centred techniques to deliver great digital services. Our goal is to make it easier for people to get things done, particularly in those areas where support is most needed, such as in Adult Social Care and Children’s Services.

If you would like to have an informal discussion about a role, please contact Kieron Kilbride, Digital Transformation Manager on 01392 383000.

Join the Digital Transformation Team and help us to Make Devon Digital!

Why I love working for the Digital Transformation Team