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Working for Children’s Social Care

Working for the Children’s Social Care team, we believe that children and young people in Devon should have the best possible start in life and the opportunity to thrive. We are committed to working with children and young people to ensure their safety and protect them from harm; whilst working restoratively to achieve the best outcomes for the whole family.

Our restorative approach means we believe that children and young people are best growing up within a family environment. Therefore, we work collaboratively with families to support them in developing their own solutions. So they can work together for a better future.

Passionate about improving children's life chances? Join us and ensure that every Devon child receives the same high-quality service, no matter where they live.

4174 children in receipt of a social work service

813 children in care

643 children subject to child protection plans

1875 families successfully supported by early help

Our values and ways of working

Devon’s Children’s Services want to achieve the best outcomes for all our children regardless of their circumstances. To assist us in that ambition, we are investing in our workforce.

In Children’s Social Care, you will work in an environment that places the child and family at the centre of everything we do, involving them in decision-making and empowering families to care well for their children. We are embedding these restorative values throughout our processes, focussing on developing good relationships and enabling high levels of support and challenge to secure favourable life chances for our children.

Our values also guide our relationships with each other and our partners, ensuring that our services for children are the best they can be. Our social workers consistently tell us the training available from the Devon Children’s Social Care Academy is highly beneficial, and they feel supported and well-supervised by their managers.

Come and find out for yourself what Devon Children’s Services can offer you to fulfil your ambitions. We look forward to welcoming you to Devon and seeing your career flourish.

Read more about our commitment to support existing and new staff progress their career goals.
(Please note, some links within this document will not be accessible to members of the public as they are for DCC staff only)

Restorative Devon

Restorative Devon is a Department for Education-funded transformation programme. It was developed to support Children’s Social Care teams to improve services for children and families through the power of restorative and relational practice. Learn more about Restorative Devon and how it informs our practice here in Devon.

Learn more

Fulfilling children and young peoples’ mental, physical, social and emotional needs

Ensuring that children are the focus of our work and their voices must be central and heard in the work we do

Enabling outcomes to meet the children's safeguarding needs

Career opportunities in Children’s Social Care

Social work

Social workers are at the heart of what we do. In Devon, we’re committed to providing the support, training and development you need to continue to improve your professional practice as a social worker.

Learn more about social work roles and the latest vacancies.

Team manager and assistant team manager

Our frontline management roles make a critical contribution to the improvements we are making in Devon, by supporting our social workers to do their very best for children and families, every day.

Learn more about our management roles and the latest vacancies.

Personal advisors

Personal advisors work closely with care experienced young people between 16 to 25 responding to their needs with a range of practical, personal, social and financial support.

Learn more about personal advisor roles and the latest vacancies.

Family practitioner

Family practitioners work directly with children, young people and families, carrying out frequent home and community visits to families who have come to the attention of social work teams.

Learn more about family practitioner roles and the latest vacancies.

Training programmes leading to a career in Children’s Social Care

Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme

If you are a newly qualified social worker, our ASYE programme was created especially for you. The year-long programme will help you transition from newly qualified to experienced social worker and is nationally renowned and attracts applicants from all over the UK.

Frontline programme

If you have a degree (but not in social work) and would like to change careers and become a social worker and have a guaranteed job at the end of it. The Frontline programme offers two years of paid training and a fully funded MSc in Advanced Relationship-Based Social Work Practice. Allowing you to develop the skills you will need on the job. You can apply to do the programme here in Children’s Social Care with DCC.

Return to Social Work Practice (RSWP) Programme

The RSWP programme was developed to support social workers wishing to return to practice after a career break. The programme aims to help returnees to complete the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) required to re-register with Social Work England (SWE).

Step In

This is Devon County Council’s apprenticeship programme and features apprenticeships at many different levels. We take apprentices here in Children’s Social Care in many different areas.

Why I enjoy working for Devon

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