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Flexible working opportunities

Working at Devon County Council, you will be offered a whole host of flexible working opportunities – but what exactly does this mean?

Flexible working hours

Flexible Working Policy – It is in the DCC policy to offer flexible working arrangements to staff (where service needs are met). This means staff can choose which hours they work and fit their life around their work. They can also accrue flex hours which can be taken at a later date.

Home Working

All Devon County Council staff are supplied with their own laptop. This allows them to work remotely from other locations. During the current pandemic, many staff are working from home which ensures the safety of them and those closest to them.

Compressed hours

Another flexible working option that Devon County Council offers is compressed hours. This option allows staff to work their normal contractual hours over fewer working days. For example, an individual may work a longer working day than the standard 7.5 hour day and work 37hours over 4 days every week

Annualised hours

Subject to business need, some staff choose to work an annualised hours pattern. This allows them to work more hours during term time and less hours during school holidays. This working pattern is especially popular for parents and allows them to fit their personal life around their work.