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Over 25,000 adults in Devon receive social care input; we are at the forefront of delivering a service that meets their needs.

Public Health, Adult Social Care and Adult Social Care Commissioning all work in partnership with the NHS and other health and voluntary sector organisations to ensure the health and wellbeing needs for the people of Devon are met.

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Working in Adult Social Care and Health

We have excellent partnership working with the NHS and work within multidisciplinary teams including mental health, community health teams, our Care Direct Centres and with a strong voluntary and private provider sector.

Careers within Adult Social Care and Health include Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs), Social Care Reablement and Reaching for Independence, Brokerage, Social Care Assessor and Team Management roles.

Social Work

Social Workers within Devon have a strength-based approach to identify social care needs. They work within their teams for support but predominantly work on a one to one, individual basis. Discussing with individuals to understand their needs and working on how their needs can be addressed.

By working together with other professionals within the social work teams, the wider service areas, and also external partner agencies they ensure an integrated approach in supporting individuals.

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Occupational Therapy

As an occupational therapist working in integrated adult social care in Devon, you will use a strengths-based approach to promote independence by supporting individuals in the activities that are important to them (occupations).

You’ll use your OT core skills, including activity analysis, understanding the impact of disability and the environment on independence, and knowledge of adaptive solutions to reduce dependence.

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Mental Health

Good enough for my family, that’s our Mental Health Social Workers’ first principle of work. Assigned to the Devon Partnership Mental Health Trust and working in well-established, multidisciplinary teams, they focus on safe, personalised, recovery-focused and sustainable care services.

In Adult Mental Health, we work across network areas and clinical directorates: Adults, Older Person’s Specialist and Secure Services. Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) at DCC are qualified social workers whose caseload is reduced to accommodate their capacity for AMHP work.

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Image of three social workers sat on sofas talking to each other whilst a laptop is on the coffee table they are sat around.

Team Management

Our team managers are excellent leaders who ensure the delivery of social care outcomes through the provision of effective line management, comprehensive supervision and casework monitoring.

They work in partnership with statutory and voluntary sector organisations and actively involve service users and carers to deliver a high quality, equitable service that leads to good outcomes.

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Reaching for Independence

The Reaching for Independence service has been successful in securing funding from the DCC’s Invest to save fund, this initiative will increase the capacity within RFI to undertake strengths based reviews.

Reaching for Independence has a very solid foundation in delivering positive life changing outcomes for people and the awareness and respect across teams for the service continues to grow.

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image of an occupational therapist and someone they are caring for, sat on a sofa talking.

Social Care Commissioning

We are responsible for strategic commissioning and delivery of services to adults with mental health needs; those with complex learning and physical disabilities, long-term conditions, and carers supporting these people.

Opportunities within these teams include commissioning roles, strategic planning, business support, data analysts and project managers.

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Return to Practice

Devon County Council are excited to be able to offer support for Occupational Therapists and Social Workers who are looking to return to practice in Adult Social Care via a voluntary route.

The Voluntary route is a quick route to return to practice and although unpaid, ensures you can complete your return to practice update and begin applying for vacancies as soon as possible.

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Public Health

Our focus in Public Health is on preventing ill health, prolonging life and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Our aim is for people to live longer in better health.

There are a wide range of career opportunities across Public Health with teams in data intelligence, business support, emergency planning and commissioning as well as practitioner and specialist roles.

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Apprenticeships in Adult Care and Health

Integrated Adult Social Care now offer Social Work Apprenticeships within the Peripatetic Team at Devon County Council (DCC).

The scheme allows you to gain ‘on the job’ experience while working towards an honours degree in Social Work with the Open University (OU).

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A group of Social Workers.

Newly Qualified Social Worker

Joining us as a Newly Qualified Social Worker is a chance to apply what you’ve learnt to real situations, alongside developing your skills and knowledge.

You will be supported to practice and develop your skills in assessment and solution-focussed support planning and to apply theory, legislation and policy to your practice.

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