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Join our team and help make things secure for the people of Devon

Working in Cyber Security Operations

The Cyber Security Operations team is dedicated to strengthening the Council’s defences against malicious cyber-attacks. Through our work, we support the secure implementation of new products and services. We also use our range of dedicated security tools to detect, investigate and remediate unexpected activity. We continually develop and improve our effectiveness by working closely with external specialists. We also take great pride in our work to ensure people across the organisation can access guidance and specialist expertise to help them – and the business areas they represent – to stay safe online.

The team includes roles focused on the organisational dimension of an effective security programme. We also have specialists who provide the technical expertise necessary to defend the Council. Our strategically important team is growing, meaning we offer lots of great opportunities to gain cyber security experience in a diverse and ever-changing organisation.

Our values and ways of working

Sadly, significant cyber-attacks are increasingly making the news. Behind the headlines, there are often damaging impacts on both the victim organisation and the people who use its services. Our team has a critical role to play, in protecting DCC against unwanted cyber activity. This means we play an important part in ensuring the people of Devon can continue to access the highly valued services they need. This includes services that are crucial to maintaining the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable people.

The diverse nature of the council means our work is highly varied from day to day. The fast pace of our industry also means our team stays focused while developing their skills. We work closely with other areas of the council, including colleagues across the Digital and Technology Service. We regularly contribute to projects across the Council and enjoy working with different business areas, ensuring that suitable cyber security requirements are integrated into the work they do. The team takes great satisfaction in helping the organisation safely deliver the services people rely upon.

If you would like an informal discussion about our work, please contact Robyn Dennis, Strategic Cyber Security Manager on 01392 383000.

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Why I love working for the Cyber Security Operations Team